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creating spaces to learn and connect through the enneagram

let's serve connection.

Our mission is to unite and further build our Enneagram community, promote awareness and understanding of the Enneagram, and facilitate personal growth. Interested in bringing your strengths to our board? Let us know on this contact form.

GARRICK ISERT : Co-Chair & Secretary

Garrick Isert is a coach and problem solver. Understanding how to drive positive change in behaviors and thoughts is what motivates Garrick. He was introduced to the Enneagram 10+ years ago and it’s become one of the best tools he’s found to really understand himself and how he shows up in the world. He helped found IEA Georgia, now IEA Southeast USA, to build a community for those seeking greater awareness and understanding of the Enneagram in their personal growth journey. Garrick owns The Executas Group, LLC which helps individuals, teams, and organizations make lasting change in how they think and behave.

LEE FIELDS : Member Services

Lee first met the Enneagram in 1994, but it was a brief encounter that didn’t go very far until 2019 when her work began in earnest. Her particular interests are practical applications of the Enneagram for personal growth, in relationships and to address trauma.  She’s an Enneagram teacher/practitioner and is currently expanding her study through  The Narrative Enneagram, including small study group with core faculty member Peter O’HanrahanLee lives with her husband Clay and their son Duncan, along with their two practically hairless Cornish Rex cats, Rover & GoGo.


Kelly Craigmile’s passion is helping people to uncover their strengths and express who they really are. She makes her living as the executive recruiting team’s researcher at a Fortune 100 corporation, identifying candidates for the company’s most senior positions.  In her 20+ years in executive search, Kelly has become an expert in how people navigate their careers. An Enneagram 4 and a student of the Enneagram, she has developed an approach to counseling people about their career choices and job experiences that combines Enneagram-based inquiry with practical guidance in real-world career development.  She is available for counseling individuals as well as groups. Kelly has two amazing young adult children, one adorable dog, and an unusual cabin that floats on a lake in North Carolina. She has lived in Atlanta for most of the last twenty-five years. She has a Master’s in Creative and Professional Writing from the University of Minnesota and is an Enneagram Applications Certified Professional.  

LYNDA ROBERTS : Co-Chair & Treasurer

Lynda Roberts is an IEA Accredited Professional With Distinction and a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram teacher. She designs and facilitates Enneagram workshops and programs, including an IEA Accredited Enneagram Training Program.  She has also designed and taught self-awareness and authentic leadership programs for businesses and organizations. She has served on the faculty of The Enneagram Institute and the Deep Coaching Institute. Lynda enjoys being "in community" with fellow Enneagrammers and spiritual seekers.  She served on the IEA Global Board for six years and as IEA President for two of those years.   She's very excited to now be participating in the IEA Southeast USA Chapter as it serves to bring together and nurture a local Enneagram community.  She's involved in the Diamond Approach work as a member of Sandra Maitri's International Retreat Group.  Lynda is a certified Project Management Professional, and is retired from a management career in Information Technology and a teaching career in Georgia Tech’s Professional Development Program. 


Emily Wingfield teaches Introduction to the Enneagram classes throughout Georgia, often in churches and most recently at Emory University's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Since learning the virtues, vices and words that describe her motivations and behaviors as an Enneagram 9, she has been able to make dramatic changes to her life and is passionate about guiding others in transformation as well. Emily’s teaching style is rich with personal stories and anecdotes about how Enneagram patterns show up in everyday experiences.  Emily is married to Kyle and together they have two sweet and rambunctious boys -- Charlie, 10 and Owen, 7. They live on the Upper Westside.

Holli Laffer: Board Member

Holli Laffer lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is a Narrative-trained Enneagram teacher and certified integral coach. Holli has been a student of the Enneagram since 2012 and is passionate about empowering people to be their truest and bravest version of themselves. In her free time she enjoys teaching the Enneagram in the women’s prison, gardening, and hanging out with her partner (Justin), her dog (Fancy), and cat (Stevie Nicks).

NAN HENSON : Speaker Relations

Nan Henson is an Enneagram Coach at EnneagramAtlanta. She is an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional and a Riso-Hudson Certified Teacher and Authorized Workshop Leader. She lives in Sandy Springs with her husband, Ham, and their 2 adorable boxers. They are fortunate that their 3 children and 6 grandchildren all live in the Atlanta area. Nan uses the Enneagram to work with individuals, couples, families, companies and faith-based and non-profit organizations. As a certified Aromatherapist through the Heal Center in Atlanta, GA, Nan uses Essential Oils for therapeutic, emotional and spiritual support. She has co-developed EnneaEssentialsĀ©, a process combining the wisdom of the Enneagram with the wisdom of Essential Oils.

SARAH GRIZZLE : Social Media Volunteer

Sarah Grizzle is Director of Youth Development Communications & Knowledge Management at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and got a law degree for fun. She lives in Atlanta with many books and fake plants. She loves to travel and is always looking for podcast recommendations. The Enneagram has transformed her personal and professional life, giving her confidence in who she is and targeted paths for growth. As a 5, she has undertaken lots of self-study, and looks forward to  opportunities to learn more through IEA Georgia.

KAREN POOLE: Technology

Karen Poole is a retired Information Technology professional and independent bookstore owner.  Her path to the Enneagram is a result of a spiritual journey.  Along this path, she found amazing wisdom teachers like Richard Rohr, Suzanne Stabile, Russ Hudson, Cynthia Bourgeault, Pema Chodron, and others too numerous to mention.   Karen has completed the educational component for IEA Accreditation as an Enneagram Professional, and she is currently working toward fulfilling the work-related requirements.   Karen has also completed the Narrative Enneagram Teacher Training Program and is working on the final steps for certification.  After certification in both programs, she will begin her ‘second half of life’ (or maybe third?) by offering Enneagram training later in 2021.  Karen and her life-partner Becky live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Traveling, reading, learning, and good conversation are a few of her passions. 

International Enneagram Association Southeast USA Chapter, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Copyright 2017.

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