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Diving Deeper Into Heart Healing: The Enneagram & Inner Critic Workshop

  • 29 Sep 2018
  • 9:00 AM (CDT)
  • 30 Sep 2018
  • 4:00 PM (CDT)
  • Austin TX

Diving Deeper Into Heart Healing: 

The Enneagram & Inner Critic Workshop

Lynda Roberts & Michael Naylor

IEA Accredited Professionals 

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This is a ground breaking workshop focused on deepening your awareness of the Inner Critic and its insidious and harmful intrusions into your life. 

For those of you who loved the Psychic Structures/Inner Critic Work, this will deepen and widen your understanding of the Inner Critic and how to navigate its hypnotic powers. 

Working with a variety of tools you will identify and unravel with compassionate clarity the ways this Inner Critic structure interrupts and interferes with the manifestation of your deepest capacity to love self and others, and to step courageously into the expression of your deepest dreams and heartfelt wishes. Identifying your Enneagram type-specific Inner Critic patterns and the equally important other-sources of Inner Critic messages you received from the Enneagram types in your family of origin, you will learn practices that will allow you to consciously sense your inner critic in the Three Centers and then transform its trance-like capacity into skillful action. 

This is a hands-on, in your heart and body workshop in which you will leave with usable skills and practices to assist both your ability to compassionately respond to Inner Critic beatings, and strategies to steadily relax your  learned habit of listening to the Inner Critic. Shedding light on this powerful unconscious force is the key to relaxing the habitual suffering one experiences when caught in the ego structure of one's Type. You will learn how to discern the difference between the Voice of your Inner Wisdom and  the shaming, blaming, scaring, heart wounding Inner Critic voice. You will come to appreciate the magnitude of this Inner Critic force in the lives of those you love and care for, and in the heart and soul of your life. This compassionate recognition will allow your heart to open more deeply to those you love and care for, and to your own heart.

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