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September 2021 Chapter Meeting: "Your Enneagram Whammies and Super Powers" with Andrea Isaacs

  • 9 Sep 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom - link in email


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"Your Enneagram Whammies and Super Powers"

with Andrea Isaacs

Thursday, September 9th

7-9 PM Eastern

NOTE: To get the most out of our time together, Andrea is gifting you The Emotional Mastery Toolkit. Your first step in the Toolkit is to take the EQ Quiz which is based on the Enneagram. Bring a printout of your results to our time together. Get your Toolkit here:

Your “Emotional Mastery Blueprint” is the pie chart of your EQ Quiz results (based on the Enneagram). It illuminates at a glance how much and how little you have of the gifts and challenges of all the Enneagram types. More than just determining your type, it illustrates how all of your scores influence each other and impact you.

The combined impact can be empowering, point to your Super Powers, gifts that come so naturally to you, that you don’t recognize them as gifts, and bring ease and flow to your life. Or, your scores can impact each other in a way that is disempowering, causing the same ‘ole stress and struggle, again and again. These are the “Whammies.”

Seeing these relationships makes it even more clear why you need it all! Yes, we all need the gifts of ALL the types! That gives you emotional depth, breadth and flexibility!  You can become more confident, patient, have your voice heard, not over-react, manage difficult conversations with ease, so instead of challenging a relationship, you achieve mutual understanding and nurture that relationship.

In our time together, you’ll see several examples of these combinations. AND, if you take the quiz beforehand, we can look at how YOUR scores have shown up in your life. There will be an experiential component so you can experience how changing one score can change the whole picture. It’s all connected. It’s all related. All of it is inside you. When you know how to embody the Enneagram (which we’ll do on Oct. 2!), it becomes a doorway to your Emotional Mastery and a life with wholeness, ease and joy.

Testimonials talking about their Quiz Results:

Having this conversation with Andrea about my quiz results made me see I do have incredible wisdom! I thought my challenge was my communication skills. Now I see I’m not a bad communicator! It’s how my scores impact each other, which has an impact on me. This is giving me the courage to stop squelching my voice, and the insight to know I can live my life to its fullest. Joan Moore

Andrea's Quiz revealed my longtime Type Nine “I don’t matter” pattern of adapting without awareness to the agendas of others and not addressing my own as a "Whammy" still in need of attention.

Our conversation about my quiz offered hope and many how-to's. I’m already removing the remnants of what "has pulled my power away from me."

This insight of old childhood patterns that still keep running with such potency brought new self-compassion. Because of this conversation alone, I’m now more able to tap into my inner “wise glorious one.”  Judy Cardoza

Andrea Isaacs, founder of the Isaacs Method for Emotional Mastery and creator of the EQ Quiz, is a speaker, trainer and master of change. She has taught, coached and trained people in 27 countries and been a keynote speaker on 5 continents. She was a trailblazer when she created EnneaMotion in 1994, bridging the Enneagram with embodiment, backed up by her brain lab research project. She is also the creator of Somatic Focusing and the EQ Quiz (based on the Enneagram):

She was a founding faculty member of the Enneagram Institute and taught with Don Riso (until his passing) and Russ Hudson for 24 years. She was co-founding editor-publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and was on the IEA board for six years.

This work shifted her painful decades of shyness to the confidence to be seen and heard. In addition to coaching senior leaders in global corporations, bringing more joy to baby boomers who still want a meaningful life, saving marriages or helping people end them with her unique methods, she has also been on Oprah Radio, been a faculty member for the Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Initiative, and is now passing her work on in her own training program so others can keep her work alive.

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