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August 2024 IEA Southeast USA Monthly Meeting: Enneagram & Ecopsychology

  • 8 Aug 2024
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Enneagram & Ecopsychology

A Nature-Based Enneagram Approach to working with Climate-Related Anger, Shame, and Fear

Ben will guide us through an exploration of our climate-related Type defense mechanisms, provide an opportunity to connect and share with others, and then invite us into a personal journey of reconnecting with the Earth. He will offer inquiry exercises and nature-based practices for each of the Enneagram Types to help process and transform our fixated responses to the climate crisis. Over time, Ben’s hope is that this style of Inner Work will help us shift from a reactive and fixated approach to solving the climate crisis, to a responsive and Present one–embodied, heartfelt, and inner-directed, drawing on the gifts of all nine Types. We hope you will join us!

Ben Campbell is a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram teacher and the President of Enneagram Northeast USA. Passionate about connecting our personal Inner Work with planetary healing, Ben is growing a movement of Enneagram-informed advocates for the more-than-human world. Much of Ben's teaching draws on his training with the Animas Valley Institute and the Maine Primitive Skills School, both organizations committed to healing and developing the human psyche and soul in a nature-based setting. You can learn more about Ben's work and his offerings at or email him directly at

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