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May 2024 IEA Southeast USA Affiliate Meeting: Working with our Inner Polarities

  • 9 May 2024
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Working with our Inner Polarities

Whenever we identify with idealized aspects of our personality (me), we tend to dis-identify with our opposite attributes (not-me). When we are divided against ourselves, we appear as one-dimensional personalities with internal conflicts and exasperating relationships. Re-owning our disavowed parts and integrating our inner polarities lead to inner wholeness with an enriched sense of self, increased energy, and undistorted connections with others.

This program will explore each Enneagram style's ego identifications (me) and their shadows (not-me), the defenses used against our unacceptable parts , and ways of reacquainting us with and reintegrating our disowned characteristics. In short, we’ll learn the 4 R’s: how to recognize, re-label, re-own, and re-cycle all of ourselves.

Jerome Wagner, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, therapist and consultant in private practice, and emeritus faculty member of the Department of Psychology and Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University, Chicago. The author of Nine Lenses on the World: the Enneagram Perspective, The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: an Introductory Guide 50th Anniversary Edition, and the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (, Jerry has offered the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program nationally and internationally for the past 30 years (

Jerry is an Honorary Founder of the IEA, served on the IEA Board of Directors, was co-editor of the Enneagram Journal , and has been a keynote speaker for numerous IEA Conferences.

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